FaMe Access Management

The FaMe Access Management Module can be used for the administration and graphical representation of access plans. Issuing and return of keys or access cards as well as general administration (e.g. repositories, stock management) can be done. For established key manufacturer import functions available.

FaMe Accounting

The Accounting Module contains features for cost calculation and for asset operation accounting. Different standard charts (General ledgers) for accounts can be set up. All entries are registered in a booking journal. Offers, orders, purchase process, invoices, and sales calculations can be monitored. Optional integration with other FaMe modules, e.g. Budget Management (Controlling), Space control or Serviceline.

FaMe Asset Management

The FaMe Asset Management covers the administration of equipment and building assets. Basic descriptions, technical documentations, depreciation and cost center allocation are some of the module`s features. Graphical representations can be stored for use with CAD and BIM.

FaMe Basic

Basic Module for all operations Property Management, Facility Management, Portfolio Management and Smart Home and Smart Building operations.

FaMe Budgetmanagement

The FaMe Budget Management Module (Controlling) is used for the management and monitoring of different budgets and costs. Budgets can be divided into sub budgets - also with full monitoring. Aggregation of the sub budgets is another feature. Optional is the integration with the FaMe Modules like Project Management and Serviceline an option.