The basic modules are the foundation for the topic modules and connect them to an integrated solution without specific interfaces or redundancy data storage.

Portfolio Management

Strategic management of several property objects is the topic of the portfolio management. Property objects can be valued by classification. A determined and strategic portfolio to buildings can be set up and administrated.

Real Estate

With this category are modules for the development, construction and administration of buildings which are not directly linked to the operations. Modules for concept, planning and construction in general like CAD or contract management. The Real Estate modules are the basic for the life cycle management.

Facility Management

Under this category are all modules for technical, financial and infrastructure operation of properties listed. From maintenance, cleaning, conference room or asset management to workplace management. More than 23 modules are with this category.

CAFM Accounting (ERP)

FaMe® has developed a complete accounting system customized to the real estate management industry. Country specific accounting regulations are implemented at the Solution. Different account structures to national and international standards are already setup and included.

CAFM Client Management (CRM)

The FaMe® system has also modules for the customer or client management customized to real estate management requirements. Offers and contact Management included. Ready made web pages to provide the products and services to the client over the internet is also a part of the FaMe® CRM solution.

SMART Home/City

Home automation is integrated in the FaMe® Smart Home solution. Beside the BMS (Building Management System), FaMe® has integrated the Home automation also. The solution covers both, huge Office Building Automation as well as small Smart Home Automation. That is the basic of Smart City Solutions.

BIM Life Cycle Management

Since more than 10 years FaMe® is familiar with the BIM Technology. BIM is one of the key functions of the FaMe®´s Life Cycle solution.

ASP-Cloud Solution

All FaMe® modules are running with cloud. The client can choose an in-house or a cloud solution. All Modules are available in both configurations.

Solution Package

As a result from more than 25 years project experiences, FaMe® has bundle special suites for airports, hospitals, universities or worker camps.