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FaMe Dashboard

The FaMe Management App supports the Supervisor or Manager to get a quick overview about critical tickets for repairs or maintenance. The app shows also the status for ticket classes. The user can request an status overview for an example for priority, craft or location.

FaMe Order

The FaMe® work order App is developed for the support for on-site technicians to record the 
work progress. The work order App follows the Service Line App. The requester can send with the 
Service Line App a service request to the work force to solve the reported problem. The reported 
incidence appears with comments from the Supervisor at the work force Smart Phone or Tablet 
on-site. The worker on-site can report with the work order App the status and work progress of 
the particular task. E. g. set status to “In progress” or “done” with comments for the supervisor. 
The status changes will be sent automatically to the central database for further action. The 
incident requestor will be informed immediately about the status changes at his mobile phone via 
the service line app. The smart phone options camera, barcode, NFC and GPS are also available 
with the App. 

FaMe Serviceline

FaMe® has developed an App to manage and organize the corrective maintenance work at Facilities Management operations. With the App the user can create a fault or incidence ticket to solve problems at a property e. g. Air Condition, Heating, Plumbing or IT faults. The requests will be sent automatically to a central database. At the central database, FaMe® provides functions for the supervisor to overview and organizes the incident work. The work progress is shown by the app at the smart phone. The user gets the status of his report on demand. The App is available at a Public version (everybody can create a ticket) and as well as in a protected version. The protected version is only executable with a login and password. The smart phone options camera, barcode, NFC and GPS are also available with the App.

FaMe Technician

This App is a combination from the FaMe Request and Workorder App. All function in one App. The user can report an issue and document the work progress for an order.