FaMe Cable Mangement

This module is designed for the administration of  low- and high-voltage current wirings. Measurements can be assigned to the cable, e.g. resistance factor. The module can be used for the administration of cable trays, wireline allocations and monitoring of the fire protection compliance. Sysops can use the program for the planning of bottom tank and patch panel pin assignments. A graphical representation of the layout by CAD is available optional.

FaMe Camp Management

The FaMe Camp Management Module organized the operation of worker camps. An overview about the occupancy rate and the booking of rooms can be managed. Staff information like visa regulations or the nationality can be requested from the HR module for the booking task. Catering, Maintenance or cleaning tasks also one part of this module.

FaMe Car Park Management

The Car park Management Module enables the administration of parking lots. The module can be used for multi-storey car park administration, and for the administration of employee or visitors parking lots.

FaMe Catering Management

Planning and order processing for events and conference catering can be managed through this module. With the function it’s possible to manage canteens, menu, special meals. Meals service.

FaMe Cleaning Management

Services can be booked via an interface with the FaMe Serviceline Module. At the cleaning management cleaning contracts and cleaning work can be administered. The program organize the cleaning times and the cleaning qualities. An interface to import RFI or RFP achievements can be used optionally. With the Self service program cleaning achievements can be requested directly by the user or supervisor.