After the successful launch of the FaMe® products at the FM Expo in Sydney (see NEWS xyxy)  FaMe® attends also at the FM conference of the FM council Australia and presented the FaMe® CAFM modules. FaMe® established several contacts, also to some Australian Universities. The integration BMS (Building Automation System) with CAFM was also one core topic at the conference. FaMe® provides a solution with BACnet integration and convinced the visitors with the FaMe® APP Smartphone connection. Most of the visitors have never heard about this kind of solutions. FaMe® has a lot of practical experiences with App solutions integration at CAFM earned by concrete projects with universities in Singapore. FaMe® connected App functionalities at the FaMe® ticket system for incident and maintenance management. Also students can report about incidents or cleaning requirements with the public FaMe® Apps. For further information please contact: Keyword Expo Adelaide.